China Broker

Your Best China Broker and Forwarder

Our team is professional do the customs clearance in China as a broker for export shipment and import shipment goods. We finish brokerage in short time, meanwhile, Bansar provides paperwork for all kinds of shipping goods.

Whether you are a Chinese trader or not that need to work with a reliable Forex broker that caters to you, Bansar in the best and most trusted resource in the Forex industry to work with. It is based on the reliability, and the quality of their services offered, that gives them to be outstanding.

Sea Freight in China Broker

We have rich experiences handle brokerage in any seaport in China for shipment goods both import and export, and we collect reasonable customs clearance charge.

Air Freight in China Broker

Our professional brokerage service in China for shipment by air, we have warehouse in China airport so that we offer long time storage time and lower warehouse charge.

Door to Door Delivery

We provides pick up and delivery service in any city in China so that we handle door to door shipping goods well based on good freight.

7 Practical Tips to Find a Reliable China Broker in 2019

Finding a reliable broker in China is not easy work.

But it is a must work if you areĀ importing from China.

Today I am going to provide you 7 practical tips that will help you find a reliable China broker in 2019.